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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-10An Analysis of Idiomatic Expression in the The Jakarta Post Neswpaper-
2021-09-16An Analysis of Illocutionary Act on Song Lyrics Of Bruno Mars’s Doo - Woops & Hooligans AlbumSafitri, Mai Sarah
2018-03-28The Analysis Of Language Disorder Of Student With Dyslexia-
2020-11-10An Analysis of Language Variation On Covid-19 Vlog.-
2018-04-02An Analysis Of Laskar Pelangi Novel By Using Biographical Criticism-
2020-11-05An Analysis of Main Character Conflict In “1917” Movie-
2018-10-19An Analysis Of Moral Value Entitled The Ron Clark Story Movie-
2020-10An Analysis of Moral Values in “Up” Movie-
2021-09-22An Analysis of Moral Values of Harris J Songs in The Album SalamNeelam, Putri; Hayulina, Yayuk
2020-11-05An Analysis of Moral Values of Maher Zain Songs in The Album Thank You Allah-
2018-03-20The Analysis of netspeak used in facebook-
2017-03-20An Analysis of Non Literal Meaning Found in “Thomas Hardy’s” Selected Poems-
2020-11-05An Analysis of Online English Learning in the Covid-19 Pandemic at Senior High School-
2021-08-10The Analysis of Ontology Metaphor in The Legend Of Putri Hijau Comic BookAisyah, Yenni
2021-09-10An Analysis of Orientation Metaphor on BBC News About Covid19Anisah
2021-09-27An Analysis Of Perlocutionary Acts in Nissa Sabyan’s InstagramUtami, Widya Ridha
2018-03-20An Analysis of Persuasion Strategies in Article of Newsweek Magazine-
2021-10-09An Analysis of Persuasive Strategies Used in Slogan Woman Cosmetic Products “Safi” Advertisement On InstagramAgustina, Rahmanita
2021-09-16An Analysis of Politeness Strategies in Sule’s PodcastHartati, Mitha; Panca, Bambang