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Title: Lexical Density Analysis And Its Function In Bbc News
Authors: Aulia, Nurul
Keywords: Lexical Density;BBC News
Issue Date: 28-Sep-2019
Abstract: This study dealt with the analysis of Lexical Density Analysis and Its Function in BBC News. The objectives of this study is the BBC News online newspapers. These online newspapers were documented in April until May 2019 that consist 8 newspapers from 4 genre news . In this study, the researcher downloaded reading materials online newspapers found in the BBC News as the data. Descriptive qualitative method was used in this study. Lexical Density level as follows: : in text one was 0.40. in text two was 0.61. in text three was 0.63. in text four was 0.58. in text five was 0.61. in text six was 0.55. in text seven was 0.46. in text eight was 0.46. The lexical density level of the text had different level which is the reading texts had five text that content carrying lexical items dominant and three non content carrying lexical items. Suggestions for the students in the English department to learn more and more and understand more about the lexical density. From the analysis, researcher found that there were five texts from 8 texts that have dominant content carrying lexical item than non-content carrying lexical item.
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