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Title: Characterization of the Main Character in Welcome to Me Movie
Keywords: Main Character
Issue Date: 20-Mar-2017
Abstract: This research dealt with the characteristics in Welcome to Me movie. The objective of the research was to analyze the characteristics of the main character in Welcome to Me movie. Descriptive qualitative method was applied in this research. In collecting the required data, the researcher classified the types of the characteristics. They were physical appearance, social status, personality and social relationship. The data was analyzed through some steps; by watching the movie taking 16 scenes out of 51 scenes as sample, reading the script, underlining the dialogues that contained with the types of characteristics, listing the dialogues and concluding the all numbers of the use of types of characteristics to find out the dominant one, the last analyzed the data about types of characteristics in that movie. The findings were as follows : a) the types of characteristics in Welcome to Me movie; b) the types of the characteristics were physical appearance was 1 or 4.5%, social status was 2 or 9%, personality was 13 or 59% and social relationship 6 or 27,5%, and the most dominant type of characteristics found in Welcome to Me movie was personality; 13 or 59%
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