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Title: Circumstances In Donald Trump’s Speech
Keywords: Transitivity;Circumstance;Speech and Donald Trump
Issue Date: 27-Mar-2018
Abstract: This study deals with Circumstance in Donald Trump’s Speech. The objectives of the study were to describe the types of Circumstances, to describe how Circumstances used and to describe why Circumstances used in Donald Trump’s Speech.the source of data for this research was taken from Donald Trump’s Speech script ‘United Nations General Assembly’ on Sept 19, 2017 in 42 minutes duration. The research design of this study was qualitative research. The techniques of data collection was browsing, transcribing and printing the script of Donald Trump’s Speech that has relation with the problem discussed. The step of analyzing data was reading the script, underlining the script, identifying and classifying extent, location and manner, and describing how and why circumstances used in Donald Trump’s Speech. The result shows that in Donald Trump’s Speech there were extent, location and manner of circumstances. Total circumstances of extent are 0 for spatial and 3 for temporal; location are 34 for spatial and 5 for temporal and manner are 3 for means, 1 for quality and 2 for comparision. And the most dominant type of circumstances that occur in Donald Trump’s Speech is location. And the reason Donald Trump used circumstances to authenticated his arguments and also to clarify or convey the content of the speech in more detail .
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