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Title: Affixes in The Victor Frankestein Novel
Keywords: Affixes;Novel;Victor Frankestein
Issue Date: 20-Mar-2018
Abstract: Affixes is a part of morphological which deals with word formation. This study deals with using affixes (prefix suffix) in the Victor Frankestein Novel. The objectives of this study were find out the types of affixes were ued in the Victor Frankestein novel, to describe the most dominant type of affixes were used in Victor Frankestein novel. Descriptive qualitative method was used in this study. Source of dat was obtained from the Victor Frankestein novel. In collecting the data, the researcher collected the data in some publication of the story of Victor Frankestein novel, read the story of Victor Frankestein novel. Mark and check thee affixes in prefi, suffix of the novel, identified affixes into prefix, suffix. Classified and presented the sentences of affixes, Finding out the reason type of affixes which dominantly used in Victor Frankestein novel. The finding showed the occurances 288 affixes of Victor Frankestein novel, they were 12 types of prefix, and 29 types of suffix. The researcher suggest the next researcher develop this research by using a different object such as speech, and also from daily activity or daily conversation.
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