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Title: Addressing of kindship terms In batak pakpak society
Keywords: Address;Kindship;Conversation
Issue Date: 10-Nov-2020
Publisher: UMSU
Abstract: The aim of study is to analyze addressing of kindship terms In batak pakpak society. The research was categorized as descriptive qualitative study. There were five types of addressing terms. They were: Addressing using name, Addressing terms using kinship, Addressing terms using respect, Addressing terms using close relationship intimate, Addressing terms using mockeries. In addition, the data are in the form of conversation which have addressing of kindship terms In batak pakpak society by people in Marendal street. After collecting data, the reasearcher analyzes and investigates the people’s addressing terms kindship occured in conversationand types of addressing terms that they are. In this research the samples were Pakpak people living in Marendal. To find the sample, I used purposive random sampling technique. It means that, in deciding the samples that was used, I have some criteria. The criteria were they were all Pakpak people and they live in Marendal They were nine people and I divided them into six groups. Kinship term, the address used to indicate kinship, such as grandfather, grandmother, father, wife, sister, uncle, younger sister etc. first, it is function of kinship call terms related to relatives (based on blood relationship). Second, the function of the familiar terms of the greeting terms(based on blood relationship). Second, the functions of kinship terms of address terms. As a result, politeness is almost impossible without understanding and applying the cultural concept. thus, speaks a kind and correct greeting and culture.
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