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Title: Onomatopoeia Analysis on Doctor Dolittle Novel
Keywords: Onomatopoeia;Types of Onomatopoeia
Issue Date: 5-Nov-2020
Publisher: UMSU
Abstract: This study deals with onomatopoeia in Doctor Dolittle novel by Hugh Lofting. The objectives of the study were to analyze the types of onomatopoeia that used in the Doctor Dolittle novel by Hugh Lofting, to analyze why onomatopoeia used in Doctor Dolittle novel by Hugh Lofting, and to investigate how the author describe the onomatopoeia word in his novel. The scope and limitation were focused about onomatopoeia words found in the Doctor Dolittle novel by Hugh Lofting. The researcher analyzed three types of onomatopoeia, there are Direct Onomatopoeia, Associative Onomatopoeia, and Exemplary Onomatopoeia. This study applied a descriptive qualitative method and it was taken place in library of UMSU to analyze the data. The data of this reseach was taken from the Doctor Dolittle novel. were the novel The technique of data analyzing was from the data collection, data presentation, data verification and, data reduction. The research finding showed that there were 38 of onomatopoeia found in this research which consist of 7 words direct onomatopoeia, 24 words assiciative onomatopoeia, and 7 exemplary onomatopoeia based on Bredin's (1996 : 558). Associative Onomatopoeia was the dominant types of Doctor Dolittle novel by Hugh Lofting.
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