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Title: Adolescent Social Behavior and its Relationship with the Development of Islamic Students in the Class VI at Elementary Schools 054942 Tegal Rejo Gebang
Keywords: Social Behavior;Islamic Student Development
Issue Date: 20-Oct-2018
Abstract: Fostering Islamic brotherhood among Muslims is not an easy thing. He needs to be taught, from childhood, to become a habit for him. The formation of Islamic Brotherhood for students requires various efforts. One such effort is through adolescent social behavior. With the existence of good social behavior, it will be able to foster better Islamic brotherhood. This study was conducted on 20 students of class VI SDN 054942 Tegal Rejo Gebang who were Muslims who were used as research samples. Data collection tools are observation sheets, questionnaires and documentation. The results of the questionnaire were processed by tabulation data to find out the frequency, percentage, and analysis. Based on the discussion of the results of the study it was found that: Teenagers' Class VI 054942 Tegal Rejo Gebang Youth Social Behavior was generally good, where on average they got good test scores.
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