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local.contributor.advisorIhsan, Muhammd-
dc.description.abstractThis study deal with adjacency pairs in Knight and Day movie. The data in this study was taken from Knight and Day Movie Script. The script consisted of 40 pages and all of pages were taken as the data. Descriptive qualitative method was applied to analyzed the data. Thus, in doing this study, library research was applied in analyzing the data. The objectives of the study are to find out types of adjacency pairs and dominant type of adjacency pairs in the script of Knight and Day movie. From the data obtained, there were sixtyseven (67) adjacency pairs with thirteen types of adjacency pairs all of them that were found in the script of Knight and Day movie. They were greeting-greeting with amount 1 (1.5%), summons-answer with amount 2 (3%), apology-minimization with amount 4 (6%), question-answer with amout 19 (28.3%), request-acceptance/refusal with amount 8 (11.9%), offer-acceptance/refusal with amount 2 (3%), blame-admission/denial with amount 4 (6%), Invitation-acceptance/refusal with amount 1 (1.5%), assessment-agreement/disagreement with amount 6 (8.9%), commandcompliance/incompliance with amount 9 (13.4%). suggestion-acceptance/refusal with amount 1 (1.5), Assertion-agreement/disagreement with amount 6 (8.9%), announcement-acknowledge with amount 4 (6%). The most dominant type of the adjacency pair in the script of Knight and Day movie by James Mangold was the question-answer by 19 occurrences or about 28.3%en_US
dc.subjectAdjacency Pairsen_US
dc.subjectKnight and Dayen_US
dc.titleAdjacency Pairs in the Script of Knight and Day Movieen_US
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