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Code Mixing in Radio’s Broadcasting Program

Show simple item record Gusni, Arfa Utami 2020-06-24T06:38:26Z 2020-06-24T06:38:26Z 2017-03-20
dc.description.abstract This study was carried out to find inversitigate of code mixing in radio programs by using a descriptive research in getting the data, the researcher used tape recorder as the instrument of the study. The perpose of this study was to find out the classifications of code mixing which used by the broadcaster of Radio Kiss FM medan. The data were obtained from utterances made by the broadcasters, while they were broadcasting. The broadcaster’s speeches were recorded. It is found that the broadcaster did code mixing while broadcasting. The analysis of code mixing were on the Rock in morning, Daily Show, Parade on Air, GTALK/girls talk. Time of recording has a two process, where the dominant data speeches were first recorded the Rock in Morning 26,42 % Daily Show 12,85 Parade on Air 18,57 % GTALK/girls talk 13,57 %. And the socond recorded the Rock in Morning 8,57 %, Daily Show 6,42 %, Parade on Air 8,57 %, GTALK/girls talk 5 %. That appears from time recorded frequncy of the code mixing performed by the broadcaster of Radio Kiss FM Medan. The broadcaster sometime mix indonesia and english language to repeat the vocabularies to make easier to listen and to understand. Code mixing impact is the mixing of language this is caused the changing situation en_US
dc.subject Code Mixing en_US
dc.title Code Mixing in Radio’s Broadcasting Program en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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