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Title: 10 % An Analysis Of Illocutionary Act In 2019 Indonesia Presidential Candidate Debate
Keywords: Speech act;Illocutionary act;Presidential candidate debate.
Issue Date: 13-Sep-2019
Abstract: Understand how the presidential candidates deliver the meaning and the purpose of their vision and mission in a debate is in interesting. That is why this study was carried out to analyze the use of illocutionary acts in 2019 Indonesia presidential debate based on Searle‟s theory. The objectives of this study were to identify the types of illocutionary acts in Jokowi and Prabowo debate‟s, to describe the realization of illocutionary act, and to investigate the reason of the using illocutionary act in debate. Qualitative research methods were applied in this study. By using documentary technique, data were collected from first and second of 2019 Indonesia presidential debates taken from Youtobe and analyzed based on the Miles and Huberman theory; data condenstation, data display, drawing and verifying. After analyzing the utterances of both candidates, the findings on this study indicate that there are 100 utterances that contain all type of illocutionary act; representative 32 (32%), directive 24 (24%), commisive 21 (21%), expressive 13 (13%), declarative 10 (10%). The purpose of using the illocutionary act in the debate is to convey the intent of the word of the two presidential candidate so that listener can understand and do what is they stated
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