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Language Attitudes Towards Written Alay Variation in Twitter

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dc.description.abstract The study deal with the language attitudes towards written alay variation in twitter. The objectives of the study were to find out types of language attitude towards the alay variation, to find out the meaning of alay variation are used by users and to find out the reason why the attitudes coded in twitter. This research was carried out by using descriptive qualitative method. The data were collected from social media. There were 62 status were taken to be analyzed, the technique used to analyze the data obtained was by identifying the attitudes, tabulating the language attitude into their types and classifying the meanings of alay variation. There were 62 alay variation words used in twitter. The findings of the data analysis showed that two types of language attitudes namely positive attitudes and negative attitudes were found in the twitter. The findings showed that the meaning of alay variation are used by users in twitter has its own meaning because many word formation which modify the spellings and writing. Attitudes are coded by users in twitter because they favour the use of alay variation to be an identity marker, users attitudes belong to positive attitudes. Users of alay variation have the loyalty in using the variation continuously and believe that the variation has prestige that. en_US
dc.subject alay variation en_US
dc.subject language attitudes en_US
dc.subject twitter en_US
dc.title Language Attitudes Towards Written Alay Variation in Twitter en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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