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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-20Langguage Attitude of Teenager Towards Language Variation of Alay in Facebook-
2016-02-20Langkah – Langkah dalam Penyetoran Pajak Penghasilan Pasal 21-
2019-08-20Language Acquisition Of Two Years Old Of Child On Batak Morphological SystemWahyuni, Wahida
2019-09-20Language Attitude and Choice By Minangkabau language Community: A Sociolinguistic Study In Lingkungan 16 PekanLabuhan-
2019-09-20Language Attitude and Choice Realized by Jathilan Performance in Javanese Culture-
2019-10-10Language Attitude And Language Choice In Bilingual Academic Learnig Environtment-
2017-04Language Attitude in Stand-up Comedy-
2020-03-07Language Attitude of Junior High School Students Towards English Language-
2018-03-20The Language Attitude Of Senior High School Students Towards English Language And Its Relationship With Their Academic Achievement-
2018-04-03Language Attitudes Towards Written Alay Variation in Twitter-
2019-08-20Language Features Used By Indonesian Female Travel BloggersPratiwi, Uci Ayu
2019-10-08Language In Transgender Community In Medan City-
2019-10Language Objectivity Analysis Of Journalism In E-News Kompas-
2018-03-20Language Shift in Facebook-
2018-03-20Language Shift in Social MediaWinarti, Lisa
2019-09-18Language Shift of Alas Language Among Alas Kids In Southeast AcehRisnawati
2017-03-20Language Style in Karonese Wedding Ceremony-
2018-10-19Language Style In Novel 9 Summers 10 AutumnsSahara, Putri
2018-03-20Language Style in “The Ellen Show”-
2018-04-04Language Style Of Jokowi's Political SpeechSurbakti, Seni Sehati Br